Getting started

It took me five months to deliver this project from start to finish, you should plan for it to take three months.




Make a project plan

with the overall timeline and key tasks, a sample is provided in the starter kit. This will serve as an overall guide to conducting the project, key milestones and the dates for major events.

A project concept presentation

That outlines the following, the starter kit contains the presentation used in 2018-19.

a. The objective of the project SHE DARES While the core objective is “to empower women to be fearless”, the means used in 2018-19 was an event where women had to negotiate an obstacle course, reverse mentored by younger girls. For the forthcoming leg of the project, the person is free to choose any means as they see appropriate

b. An introduction to the key anchor of the project

c. Research to support the cause. While the starter kit contains research papers till 2018-19, the person will need to conduct research on papers published
after that

d. The tentative plan of the event or series of events

Set up a core team

Establishing a team that will help and support the person in conducting the project is key to the success of the project. The team consists of the following members:

a. Project Leader – the person conducting the project

b. Mentors – these are adults who will guide, provide feedback, brainstorm, provide contacts for sponsors, etc. Having two to three mentors is imperative to delivering a successful project

c. Managers – these are the project leaders’ peers who will support the back end of doing the project. Communicating with key stakeholders, designing posters, coordinating with event location etc.

Key Stakeholders

A project of this magnitude has multiple stakeholders and it’s important to understand their
roles. The project leader will need to communicate effectively with each one of them, as also
coordination will need to be done between them

1. Sponsors – these are the corporates etc. from whom funds are being raised for the

2. The NGO/ Foundation – to whom the proceeds of the event will be donated. I signed up with Pratham’s second chance program (which empowers women who have dropped out of the education system due to financial constraints, physical or mental trauma, to resume their education). Finding an appropriate cause to donate to supported my efforts to market the event with sponsors and participants

3. Event Location Partners – To be able to raise enough funds for the cause also ensure that there is large scale participation. The event location company will need to be signed up as part sponsors. Since this is a cause with funds being donated, special rates will need to be requested from the event location company

4.Participants – senior women

5. Participants – younger girls


The marketing of the event to ensure that it has the largest possible impact is one of the most important tasks. The effort needs to begin very early in the project.

The Materials
The development of the physical materials to market the event is an important task.

The materials that need to be developed are:



Standee (1).jpg



Backdrop of the stage




Logo on T-shirt

These need to be designed and printed by a printer vendor.

The files with the designs for each of these is provided in the starter kit

Sponsor Participants

The first segment of the participants are from the sponsor companies. They need to be nominated by the companies to participate in the event.

To create interest and buzz regarding the event, regular emails were sent out to the participants in the last few weeks running up to the event.

Posters were sent to be put up in the cafeteria of the companies.

Facebook page.jpg

A facebook event page will need to be created to invite other friends, fitness enthusiasts and women living in your city. This will be a public event so that it is listed in FB for everyone to see and like. Marketing this event through facebook is very effective since it reaches a large number of the target audience.

Facebook Event Page

s c.jpg

Facebook pages of sponsors and NGO partners also have a large following and these are also effective for marketing the event

Facebook Page of Sponsors


Facebook pages which have a large number of subscribers and followers, I promoted my event on Gurgaon Moms and Mompresso. Pages such as these can be approached to share the event page so more people see it and sign up for the event.


Moreover, to attract a younger audience Instagram stories can be used to put up posts and stories with information about the event with bright colours, stickers and gifs.


s c.jpg

Posters can be put up in cafes and key market bulletin boards. Also at condominiums where a large number of people see it.

Posters at key locations

The core team of volunteers will need to be expanded, this helps in marketing of the event as also provides support for managing the event. Volunteers both adults and friends of the project lead would be required for the following tasks:

  1. Registration

  2. Managing teams of participants

  3. Food

  4. Music and Stage



Email to ayesha.dhall1@gmail.com for your copy of the starter kit